Product Description

The swan has always had a deep and strong symbolism in relationships. Swans pair for years and many times create unions that last a lifetime. The B&Co. swan pendant was born from a desire to capture this innate beauty. The swan is a symbol of guidance, pointing to our most inner depths and feeling, a creature that lives harmoniously amongst three of the four Aristotelian elements. Living a life perfectly balanced; on land, lofting heights, and flowing waters. There is no better way to represent and symbolize this type of beauty and relationship in your own life, than with a B&Co. swan pendant.

In this special black and white addition, the B&C0. designers wanted to take the amazing symbolism of the swan one step further. Throughout history, the white swan has always been symbolic of a cleansing and purifying beauty.  While the black swan indicates all the deep mysteries within us, waiting to express themselves, longing to be set free…

This pendant is produced in the metal of your choice with 41 beautiful white diamonds and 41 stunning black diamonds.