Either be a work of art... or wear a work of art. - Oscar Wilde

Visit us for your next hand crafted work of art!

About Us

The Smallest Details Convey a World of Information

Every piece of Bernardo & Co. Signature Line jewelry is designed, cast, and finished in the USA. 

We craft  heirloom pieces that will be cherished from generation to generation.

Our Philosophy

At Bernardo & Co., we believe the smallest detail conveys a world of information. Each piece of custom jewelry we create comes from the finest materials available and is handcrafted to the most exacting standards. Using new school technology and old world skills, our jewelry is created here in the USA by passionate craftsmen.

Our Mission

Every client we work with has one thing in common, a disregard for the status quo. That is where Bernardo & Co. excels. Every order is hand made to each client’s exacting specifications. Our jewelry could be designed and made cheaper by cutting corners or outsourcing our work to some other country, but we value local craftsmanship and artistry. Our clients take pride in knowing that their jewelry was handcrafted here in the USA, just for them.


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