The Cara Mia pendant was created for one of our dear friends, famous Instagram model and Snap Chat Queen, Miss Katie May. She worked with us to come up with a design for a completely unique piece of jewelry that represented the dreams she had for her young daughter. The anatomical heart represented her daughter’s real, true self, and the wings symbolized Katie’s hope that she would soar above and beyond her wildest dreams in life. Katie also loved the thought that the wings symbolized her own loving arms supporting her daughter through all of her life’s journey. After we created the original piece, we decided with Katie May to make the piece part of a bigger collection so that others could connect with and wear her design. Only months after we presented Katie with the original solid gold piece, she suddenly and tragically passed away. Her young daughter now owns the original Cara Mia pendant made of solid yellow gold, and the Cara Mia design became an incredibly beautiful symbol to us, always reminding us to embrace our true souls, and soar past this worlds boundaries, knowing that life is short, and beautiful.